Octave Audio

TD 124 Tonearm Boards

Our replacement armboards for the TD 124 are hand made from select beech by Swiss craftsmen. The shape of the 12" armboard has been expressly designed for resonance control, bringing with it substantial sonic improvements. All armboards are available finished in gloss black with 4 coats of hand-sanded varnish.

  • Item # 2501 - undrilled armboard for 9" tonearms like Ortofon
  • Item # 2502 - drilled armboard for 9 and 10" SME-type tonearms
  • Item # 2503 - undrilled armboard for 12 tonearms
  • Item # 2504 - drilled armboard for 12 tonearms like SME, Ikeda

On request we can supply finishing materials for touching up undrilled boards after they have been drilled.

Swapping armboards is simple and straightforward. Secure the tonearm, and for maximum security remove the cartridge. Disconnect the cables, taking care not to forget all grounding wires. Screw the tonearm to the new board, then the entire assembly to the chassis. The drilling templates supplied by the tonearm maker should be used wherever possible for proper drilling of the new armboard. Carefully adjust the tonearm according to the manufacturer's instructions. When all adjustments are made, plug the tonearm leads into the phono entry and attach the ground wire to the amplifier.

Pricing Information

Priced from:$180-$200 usd