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Main Platter Bearing with Shaft

The main platter bearing is the nerve center of any drive system. While Thorens was extensively involved with developing the TD 124 bearing, the bearing itself was manufactured by and sourced from suppliers. When first introduced, plastic bushings were used, roughly through the middle of the Series I. From the standpoint of decoupling, this is an excellent solution, but the combination of the heavy rotational force of the drive system and insufficient tolerances of the supplied parts inevitably resulted in extensive wear. For this reason, Thorens substituted bearings whose tinned bushings functioned as an oil reservoir. With these bearings, extended use resulted in structural degradation of the bearing, drying out of the oil and erosion and wear on the bushings. Under these conditions, there is a noticeable increase in noise, and rotational accuracy can no longer be maintained. While the development department repeatedly experimented with alternative bearings over the years, management rejected each of these solutions on cost grounds. We managed to obtain two favoured prototypes from the former head of development in Sainte-Croix. Advances in machining, and the absence of mass production cost constraints, have made it possible to fully realize the creative research which is embodied in these prototype solutions.

Our Main Platter Bearing with Shaft brings the following improvements::

  • dramatic reduction in noise
  • fundamental improvement in dynamic contrasts
  • tighter and more accurate bass

Replacing the main platter bearing for all TD 124 Mark I models with serial numbers up to circa 25000 is urgently recommended these models have the plastic bearing bushings. Moreover, we highly recommend a bearing replacement - independent of the serial number, and including the Mark II series where there is excessive bearing play.

The set includes a complete main platter bearing with shaft, an addtional replacement bearing thrust plate and oil gasket und a bottle of Thorens oil.

The new main platter bearing/shaft can be installed in 6 easy stages:

  1. Remove the main platter as described in the instructions for installing the non-magnetic main platter (steps 1-4)
  2. Carelly remove the tone arm board/tone arm according to the procedure for installing the replacement tonearm board
  3. Undo the main platter bearing screws from below and pull the old bearing upwards
  4. Insert the new bearing from above and tighten the screws from below.
  5. Screw the main platter back according to the mounting instructions (points 5 through 10)
  6. Reinstall the tonearm board.
Pricing Information

Item # 1201$890 usd