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Motor E 50 MK I / MK II Conversion Kit

Correct decoupling of the motor from the chassis is a key element in any turntable design. Poor decoupling produces rumble and speed/pitch variations. This was recognized early on by Thorens, and accounts for the differences in motor decoupling between the TD 124 Mark I and Mark II models. On the Mark II, the motor suspension rods were lengthened and additional damping devices two per suspension point, as against one per point in the Mark I were employed to achieve better decoupling.

The Conversion Kit includes:

  • 3 extended motor suspension rods
  • 6 rubber motor suspension dampers
  • 3 gasket sets for the rubber dampers
  • 1 bolt and lock washer
  • 1 installation instructions

The conversion requires only basic mechanical proficiency. As one of the three suspension rods is threaded, an electric drill is required.

Pricing Information

Item # 3003$190 usd