Octave Audio

Rubber Decoupling Mushrooms

Optimal decoupling of the chassis from the plinth requires the correct balance of rigidity and elasticity in the decoupling "mushrooms". Over time, the rubber becomes hard and brittle, reducing its elasticity and damping properties. Brittle, damaged mushrooms must be replaced. We have worked to develop higher quality replacement mushrooms with extended life and improved damping. Replacing old, brittle mushrooms in many cases is sufficient in itself to dramatically reduce rumble.

Each replacement set includes four rubber decoupling mushrooms, which work on models 121 / 124 / 135 / 184 / 224, Series I and Series II.

Mushroom replacement is simple and straightforward, however care must be taken to ensure that the mushrooms are properly seated on their metal supports, which we can supply separately.

Metal Supports for Mushrooms / Mushroom-Tops

Metal supports for the decoupling mushrooms (mushroom tops) facilitate propoer adjustment of the chassis. Friction is reduced by eliminating direct contact between the mushrooms and the levelling mechanism on the chassis rim. Horizontal levelling can be achieved with greater ease and precision.

The set consists of four metal supports for the decoupling mushrooms (mushroom tops).

The mushroom tops are installed by simply removing the chassis from the plinth, being careful to ensure proper seating between the rubber mushrooms and their metal tops.

Pricing Information

Item # 4003 (Rubber Decoupling Mushrooms)$60 usd

Item # 4004 (Mushroom-Tops)$20 usd