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Tone Arms

Ortofon now introduces tone arms to the North American market. There are two lines:

  • Static tone arms: AS-212-S and AS-309-S
  • Dynamic tone arms: RS-212-D and RS-309-D

Information about static tone arms :

  • AS-212S(9”) from pivot to stylus
  • AS-309S(12”) from pivot to stylus
  • S shape tone arms developed for the Ortofon cartridges
  • SME connection for SPU and head shell
  • Adjustable antiscating(0 to 5 gram)
  • Overhang is 15mm
  • Offset angle is 22°
  • Adjustable tone arm height
  • Optional counterweight for heavier cartridge between 26 and 38 grams (SPU) is available

Information about dynamic tone arms :

  • 9 and 12 inch, with dynamic balance graduated vertical tracking force (VTF) control through a new spring design.
  • The new short wire spring, housed in the pivot case, eliminates unwanted vibrations in the tone arm.
  • VTF in the range 0-5 grams can be precisely adjusted by means of the supplied digital force gauge.
  • Anti-skate control adjusted by calibrated dial in the range 0-5 gram.
  • Tone arm height, and thereby VTA, is easy adjustable on the tonearm base.
  • Detachable head shell and tone arm cable, with standard SME-type connectors.

Pricing Information

AS-212S$1599 usd

AS-309S$1699 usd

RS-212D$2299 usd

RS-309D$2399 usd