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The ST 104 plinth ST 104 is hand made from beechwood in Switzerland according to the original Thorens plans. Each plinth is a unique and valuable piece no mass production templates are employed in their construction! The plinths are available in a finish of 4x varnished gloss black (Article umber 2001) or varnished natural beech (Article number 2002).

Four hard plastic feet are included in the price.

Our replacement plinths are sonically excellent and visually outstanding replacements for scratched or damaged original plinths. Use of these plinths can make a significant upgrade in improving the sound of your TD 124.

Replacing the plinth is simple - just lift the chassis out of the original and place it in the new one, making sure that the rubber mushrooms and their metal supports are correctly seated. Secure the tonearm in rest position and protect your cartridge, either through removal or use of the stylus guard, before making the switch!

Solid Design Plinth

Our "Solid Design" plinth was developed to satisfy demands for a massive plinth which could deliver real sonic improvements (NOT the case with many of the replacement plinths we've encountered, which are sonically detrimental to the TD 124's performance). Designed with full respect for the mechanical and aesthetic properties of the original Thorens plinth, it is visually indistinguishable from it once the chassis is mounted. The plinth is made from two-and-a-half layers of laminated, carefully aged and selected Swiss wood and finished with 8 coats of hand-finished, high-gloss varnish. The plinth can be supplied with either rigid plastic feet or adjustable spikes.

In addition to the spikes or plastic feet, the plinth is supplied with the rubber mushrooms (which decouple the chassis from the plinth) and their threaded metal support rods as standard accessories.

The "Solid Design" Plinth delivers the following clear improvements:

  • Acoustic feedback is all but eliminated. The design achieves a degree of isolation which, in extreme cases, even allows positioning of the turntable next to the speaker! Wall mounting is no longer necessary.
  • A more balanced overall sonic presentation.
  • Tighter, more precise bass.
  • Increased dynamic contrast.

Please note that the "Solid Design" plinth is not suitable for the Thorens tonearm models BTD 12S and TP 14!

As with our standard replacement plinths, chassis installation is simple -just make sure that the metal support rods are straight and accurately centered in their holes. For ease of installation we therefore recommend the shorter rods which are supplied free with the "Solid Design".

Pricing Information

Item # 2001 (Black)$595 usd

Item # 2002 (Natural)$550 usd

Item # 2005 (Solid Design)$1990 usd

Black Plinth

Natural Plinth

Solid Plinth