Octave Audio

Rubber Platter Mat for MK I und MK II

We can supply rubber platter mats for the Series I and II TD 124. Made according to the original factory specifications, these contain graphite to dliminate static buildup and discharge. Dried, brittle and/or damaged mats should be replaced to ensure proper contact all along the record surface. Sufficient elasticity and a fully congruent fit between mat and disk are absolutely necessary for the elimination of residual vibration. Beyond the approved appearance, a proper replacement mat results in enhanced musical resolution.

Replacing the mat is simple: remove the three screws in the 45-RPM adaptor, lift off the adaptor, replace the mat and adaptor and refasten the screws.

Pricing Information

Item # 4001 (Rubber Mat for TD124 I)$125 usd

Item # 4002 (Rubber Mat for TD124 II)$125 usd