Octave Audio

Hardenet Alloy Upper Platter

Over two years in development, our upgrade/replacement aluminum top platter is now available. Our goal, as always, was to produce a "new vintage" product which respects the sonic, mechanical and aesthetic properties of the original Thorens part while offering advances in sound quality. The original top platter, an integral part of the TD 124 design concept, was formed from cold-rolled aluminium sheet. Many of these have become, with time, scratched; bent, warped or otherwise deformed, and need to be replaced. After experimenting with various casting and machining properties, extensive sonic tests led us to eventually choose a much harder aluminium alloy, more difficult to shape and machine than the original but delivering improved sonic performance.

With our new replacement top platter, you will hear:

  • greater top end extension
  • tighter bass
  • improved dynamic contracts
  • An overall increases in clarity and transient attack

Urs Frei, who oversaw the development and final production method of the top platter, tells the story of how it came to be.

Pricing Information

Item # 1005$590 usd Sorry, currently sold out !